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Content: 236ml

K-Engine & Metal Treatment Gold is a lubricant additive with 'Zero Friction Technology' which can penetrate into engine to provide more effective protection against friction. Its nano technology may also help to improve the quality of a lubricant.

K-Engine & Metal Treatment Gold forms a tough friction-preventing shield between the moving components in engine to reduce direct contact between the components, thus helps cutting down friction and heat in the engine. It also offers other feasible benefits such as :-

1. Reduces friction and wear in vehicle components, even during cold start-up.
2. Clears away solid particles and deposits in engine to ensure optimal performance with minimal emissions.
3. Reduces oxidation in oil, thus provides longer and more effective protection against engine corrosion.
4. Less fuel consumption with less energy wasted.
5. Extends engine lifespan, prolongs service intervals.

K-Engine & Metal Treatment Gold is suitable for all types of petrol, diesel and gas vehicles. It is also suitable to be added into other lubricants such as auto or manual gearbox oils and greases.

K-Engine & Metal Treatment Gold
• Suitable for cars and motorcycles below 1.8cc
• Features Nano Technology Molecules (-9mm micron)
• Affordable price


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