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K-Relax Eye Shade gives comfort and relaxation to your eyes as well as providing them with negative ions while you rest and sleep.

Be it at school or work, we are inevitably exposed to mobile phone, computer, television and other electronic technology products in everyday life, yet the positive ions and radiation generated by these products will affect our health sleep, mood and eyes. K-Relax Eye Shade is made of nano technology, it will release anions that can promote blood circulation around the eyes and relieve eye strain. K-Relax Eye Shade is your good eye care companion!

- Improves sleep quality
- Relieves eye tiredness
- Improves blood circulation around the eyes

Directions of use:
Easy to wear and take off. Simply put the K-Relax Eye Shade on by wearing the elastic strap around your head. You can also fold it and carry it around for use at anytime, anywhere.


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